1. Can this be us? 567nevergettoheaven

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    Palm trees don’t even have hands

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    'Cause it's a hard life
    With love in the world
    And I’m a hard girl
    Loving me is like chewing on pearls

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    my favorite part of any trip to mcdonalds is the sudden and unavoidable flashbacks to the time when I got stuck in the slide for 5.5 hours and the staff had to slide down mcnuggets so I could keep up my energy while they cut the slide in half with a hacksaw.  half-slide is still there, haunting me and the other kids who sudden fall through a hole halfway through their journey down

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    Relevant today, tomorrow and every other day.

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    instead of desexualizing womens halloween costumes we should sexualize mens costumes and make it equal. i want boys in underwear and cat ears

    I like your style, kid.

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